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Simple Scalable Payments

Grow Your Business To New Heights

Introducing Shuffle, The Missing Ecommerce Tool You Didn't Know You Needed
Having a single payment gateway is a thing of the past, yet most ecommerce providers are stuck in 2010.

We provide merchants the ability to connect multiple payment gateways into a simple, streamlined integration. You choose the shuffle mode, then we do the rest. When a transaction occurs, Shuffle will match the payment to a gateway according to your rules, seamlessly.

Multiple Payment Gateways

We currently support Authorize.Net, Inovio, NMI, Square, and Stripe.

Smart Shuffle Technology

You choose how transactions should be routed to each gateway in your account. We can even save declines by cascading them across your available gateways.

Say Hello To Higher Revenue

Being able to scale is key to any business, and with Shuffle it has never been easier!


Platform Highlights

Simple To Use, Expert Results

Multiple Gateways

Increase your processing power by connecting multiple payment gateways, allowing you to increase sales and revenue.

Transaction Filters

Have a gateway that doesn't accept Amex? Prepaid cards dragging down your subscription revenue? Set rules and grow!

Recover Declines

Many factors affect approval rates that are out of your control. What once was lost can now be recovered with Shuffle!

Stay Compliant

Setting monthly limits on gateways keeps the bank's risk low, which keeps your accounts open longer.

Easy Implementation

Use one of our integrated partners or get started with our simple API, leave the headache of PCI compliance to us!

Stellar Support

Our mission in life is to help your business scale. Let us know what we can do to help, our team is here for you.

Getting Started Is Easy

Easy as One, Two, Three

Create Account

Setting up an account takes less than two minutes!

Connect Gateways

Choose which gateways you want to shuffle in your account.

Take Payments

Connect with an Integration or API, and let your business soar!

Simple Pricing

No contract. Cancel anytime.

+ $0.04/transaction
+ $0.10/recovery


I do 0 transactions a month

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope! All accounts are month-to-month giving you the flexibility to cancel whenever you need.

Why is there a base monthly fee?

We understand that business comes and goes, so the base fee helps us keep the lights on for you while your transactions are low.

What if I want to cancel my account?

Simply login to your account and then go to "cancel my account" and this will close your account and prevent any future billing.

How do I connect Shuffle to my website?

We integrate with WooCommerce and FnnlDb. Have a developer on your team? They'll love our simple API!

What if I don't want to recover my declines?

This is an opt-in feature, so it is disabled on all accounts by default.


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