Method: POST

URI: /auth


Field Description Required
first_name Customer's First Name Y
last_name Customer's Last Name Y
company_name Customer's Company Name N
email Customer's Email Address Y
phone Customer's Phone Number Y
ip_address Customer's IP Address Y
billing_address Billing Address Y
billing_address2 Billing Address 2 N
billing_city Billing City Y
billing_state 2 Letter Billing State Y
billing_zipcode 5 Digit Billing Zip Code Y
billing_country 2 Letter Billing Country Y
shipping_address Shipping Address N
shipping_address2 Shipping Address 2 N
shipping_city Shipping City If shipping_address is set
shipping_state 2 Letter Shipping State If shipping_address is set
shipping_zipcode 5 Digit Shipping Zip Code If shipping_address is set
shipping_country 2 Letter Shipping Country If shipping_address is set
card_number 15-19 Digit Credit/Debit Card Number Y
card_exp_month 2 Digit Month of Card Expiration Y
card_exp_year 2 Digit Year of Card Expiration Y
card_cvv 3-4 Digit Card Security Code N
amount Total amount of the transaction Y
tax_amount Tax included in amount - Default: 0.00 N
shipping_amount Shipping included in amount - Default: 0.00 N
currency 3 Letter Currency Code - Default: USD N


    "status": "success",
    "code": 200,
    "message": "This transaction has been approved.",
    "transaction": {
        "id": "C4A09AC4F3B333BC",
        "gateway": "DB5A25FA",
        "amount": "70.71",
        "currency": "USD",
        "status": "approved",
        "response": "This transaction has been approved.",
        "is_captured": false